Terms of business

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General terms and conditions

If you have any queries or wish make a booking, please telephone + 20 12 24 76 192 or submit an enquiry form via the website or e mail info@carltonfleet.com  is at this stage that you will book your service a 25% deposit will be required per person, or full balance if date of departure is within 12 weeks.

A contract between us will only come into effect when we send you a written booking confirmation document (please note that any other e-mails received is not a written confirmation for this purpose – a contract will only come into effect when our formal booking confirmation document is sent to you).
When the contract comes into effect, we become responsible to provide you with the holiday you have booked, and you become responsible to pay for it, in each case subject to these terms and conditions.

Please note: it is important you check carefully the written confirmation when you receive it, or if booking late that all details are as you require them.
Our obligation is to provide the arrangements you have booked as described on this website and confirmed to you.
If you wish to change or cancel those arrangements later, you may have to pay an amendment or cancellation charge and additional costs which may be as much as the whole of the original price of your arrangements.

In parties of two or more people, the person who actually makes the booking is the person with whom we make the contract with and that person accepts responsibility for making all payments to us for all members of the party.
Conversely, we will send all documents and other information to that person alone, who will be responsible for ensuring that all other members of the party are kept fully informed.

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Booking Conditions we will not be liable or pay you compensation or refund payment if our contractual obligations to you are affected by “Events Beyond our Control”. We will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred by you in connection with your booking through another supplier such as insurance, flights, hotels, transfers or ground arrangements including car hire. For the purposes of these Booking Conditions, Events Beyond our Control means any event beyond our or our supplier’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Examples include warfare and acts of terrorism (and threat thereof), civil strife, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of serious disease at the travel destination or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or weather conditions which make it impossible to travel safely to the travel destination or remain at the travel destination, the act of any government or other national or local authority including port or river authorities, industrial dispute, labour strikes, lock closure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster, epidemics and pandemics, unavoidable technical problems with transport and all similar events outside our or the supplier(s) concerned control.

All divers must show a valid diving certification, log book and diving insurance and sign a medical declaration and an exemption from liability. In the interest of safety, a dive computer, a marker buoy and a diving lamp must be carried on every dive. To participate in a safari, you must have an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent diving certificate and have logged at least 50 dives for southern route and 30 dives for northern route. Participation in all dives, especially the wreck dives, depends on the diving qualification and the experience of each guest. Strong currents must be considered. Crossings in southern areas during the Night. The dive sites listed in the route descriptions are examples, if you have special requests, just let your dive guide know. All route destinations are subject to approval by the Egyptian authorities, the coast guard and the port police. All routes are subject to change and may change at short notice due to weather conditions or official orders. The final course of the live aboard will be determined in consultation with the group on board. The final decision is made by the captain and diving guide, with the safety of guests always being the top priority! If dives are missed or diving locations are not approached due to weather conditions or other unpredictable changes, Carlton Fleet will not issue a refund or compensation, this includes technical defects as well as all Marine Park fees and Port fees. Strong current are common and must be taken into account. Night dives and snorkeling are prohibited on the Brothers Islands Daedalus & Elphinestone Reef. Brother Island no overnight permitted.

At the time of booking, we also require the following information from all party members:

  • Passport copy
  • Current Diving Qualification
  • Approx. no. of logged dives
  • Special Requirements (EAN Nitrox, 15 Litre Tank Rental, Equipment Rental )
  • Insurance Policy Number, Provider and Contact Telephone No.
  • Emergency Contact Details

Payment and booking conditions
25% deposit upon booking confirmation by bank transfer
75% of the travel price 8 weeks before departure by bank transfer
The costs of the transfer are borne by the debtor
Cancellation conditions:
25% deposit upon booking is non-refundable – you can change your tour dates within 12 month
You pay 50% of the travel price if you cancel up to 12 weeks before the embarkation date
You pay 75% of the travel price for cancellations up to 10 weeks before the embarkation date
You pay 100% of the travel price if you cancel up to 8 weeks before the embarkation date

Individual diving trips are carried out from 10 people. In the event that a tour cannot take place due to the minimum number of participants of at least 10 people, we will offer you a rebooking to another date with a possibly different route, costs may arise due to the different routes / prices, or we will offer you a refund of the down payment from 120 days to the date of the booked tour.

Extras per person:

  • Environmental Reef Tax and Surcharge’s 120,- EUR 
  • Port Ghalib Port fee 30,- Euro
  • 15 Liter Tank Air 45,- Euro
  • EAN Nitrox 12 Liter  60,- Euro 
  • EAN Nitrox 15 Liter 80,- Euro


Reef Tax

Since July 2020 a collective weekly fee applied on the Safari boats in both South Sinai and the Red Sea governorates, this combined fee includes the fees issued on the maritime units, as per the first article of the decree #204 of 2019 (items number 8 to 12). This fee’s are mandatory for every customer and not negotiable. We will charge them cash on board at arrival.

Single Supplement

There will be an extra charge for single room occupancy for bookings on any live aboard individual booking.
Please enquire for further details.

Diving Insurance

We recommend that at a minimum you get insurance that covers you for SCUBA diving to 40m.
However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover all aspects of your holiday and it is your responsibility to make the appropriate arrangements. You can enroll a dive Insurance with us after arrival weekly fee 30 Euro ( cover via indepths )

Medical advises

Onboard we only have basic emergency medication. If you feel the need may arise for any special medication during the trip, please take a small supply with you.
In any case don’t forget stomach and diarrhea medication, sea sickness tablets or plasters and ear drops and please make sure it will not affect your ability to dive.

Environmental law

  1. Hunting, fishing, collecting or destroying corals and shells is prohibited.
    2. It is prohibited to throw anything in the sea
    3. Feeding fishes and birds is forbidden.
    4. It is forbidden to use diving gloves and knives.
    5. It is not allowed to walk on corals or reef.
    Culprit will be fined 10,000 LE or imprisoned on the first violation and 20,000 LE or imprisoned on the second violation,
    Further along the captain and dive guide will be suspended from working in the Red Sea and the boat will not get a permission to leave port for an established period of time
    The maximum depth of diving according to the law is 40 m.


Like any other country, you are more than welcome to tip the crew We recommend the following Crew Gratuities per guest: 10% of the safari price is recommended to be split for the crew and the diveguides or 60 EUR per person

Arrival / departure

Embarkation port depends on the schedule and route. We reserve the right to accommodate guests the first or last night at the resort, the final port of arrival / departure is the responsibility of the owner and may change depending on the booking / route. We are operating from two different ports: Hurghada and Marsa Alam/Port Ghaleb.  ApproxTransfer times with stop over in a coffe shop on your way to Marsa alam
Hurghada airport to Hurghada port around 15 min.
Hurghada airport to Port Ghaleb around 3 hrs.
Marsa Alam airport to Port Ghaleb around 15 min.

We reserve the right to change the port of arrival and/or departure according to the boats schedule.We reserve the right to change your booking from one live aboard to another within the same class if the need arises to do so.

We can provide transfers from the airport to port upon request. If you booked a full Charter and your group arrive at the same time your transfer will be arranged and is included – any individual transfers we charge the following: Inside Hurghada City per Person 10 EUR per way – Limousine to/from Port Ghalib/Marsa alam min 1 Person per way 70,- EUR max 3 Person

At the airport, our representative will be waiting for you with a sign indicating the name of the boat you have booked. The representatives will assist with any flight or transfer problems.
We also provide, Meet & Assist services inside the terminal, including entry visa, upon request.

Check in & out onboard

We need some time to clean and load the boats, so please consider the check in is not before 5 PM on the first day of the live aboard and the checkout is latest by 10 AM on the last day .First night and first night of the live board will be overnight at port. We can assist you to store your baggage with us.


Rental equipment is not normally available onboard. If you need any rental equipment, please contact us prior so we can ensure equipment is onboard for you. Please inquire rates.
We also suggest that you should have the most important spare parts with you like mask and fin straps and the repair kit for your type of regulator. Please think as well about batteries, seals and bulbs for your torch. 


We offer SSI courses on our boats. The digital learning system of SSI has many advantages, you can start studying at home and therefore save time to enjoy on board (https://www.divessi.com/en/more_ssi/digital_learning/).
The most popular courses we conduct are Advanced Open Water course and Specialties like Nitrox, Deep Diving, and Wreck Diving. Please feel free to contact us in case of interest in any further education.

Changes made by us

It is unlikely that we will have to make changes to your travel arrangements, but we do plan many months in advance. Occasionally, we may have to make changes and reserve the right to do so at any time.
Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you of them at the earliest.

Jurisdiction Egypt Carlton for Touristic development

Ministry of Tourism no. 19435

Tax no. 232-809-992

Ritz Carlton Road P.O Box 191

Sharm el Sheikh

South Sinai – Egypt