Kiter Information Form

Please read carefully before signing.
All passport and detail information must be completed 15 days prior to the departure date for port clearance!

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Passport copy -min 6 month valid after arrival - must be identical to the document you arrive in Egypt with

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Person to contact in case of emergency

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25% Upon booking is non refundable - 75% you pay if you cancel 8 weeks before trip departure.
You can request Cancellation invoice via email:

I fully understand that Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding / Kite Skating / All-Terrain boarding / and KGB (Kite ground boarding) and other kite sports are considered to be "extreme sports" due to their inherent and numerous risks.

Some of the risks may include:
- Being lifted (lofted) by the kite and then dropped or even slammed onto the ground / water
- Severe cuts (lacerations) due to contact with kite lines under tension
- Unpredictable contact with sea life: Sting rays, sharks, Jelly fish, etc.
- Unknown underwater conditions / objects: Sharp shells, coral, broken glass, oyster beds, concrete, etc.
- Being dragged by the kite.
- Changes in weather conditions: Increasing wind, Lightning, water spouts, updrafts, etc.
- Equipment malfunction. ( Kiteboarding is still a new sport and the safety gear is NOT 100% reliable. Lines can get twisted, tangled, or break, allowing the kite to behave unpredictably.)
- Kiteboarding poses risks of injury or even death. By signing this release, you are choosing to participate and thus assuming FULL responsibility.
- In the event of injury you agree to rely on your own personal health insurance to cover any medical or injury related expenses.
I fully understand that I am a voluntarily participant and assume all associated risks and liability.
I Waive and Release all Liability of Any Type associated with Carlton for Touristic Development MY Carlton Queen, MY Carlton Owner, Instructor, Manager, Tec Manager, Crew, Associated schools, and gear/equipment manufacturers. I realize by participating in the sport of Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing / kite land boarding and other kite sports I am risking severe injury or Death and I still choose to proceed.
ITINENARIES: All Liveaboard itineraries are subject to various unpredictable changes including weather conditions and changes in the locations. Whilst Sick Dog Surf make every effort, we cannot guarantee kiting at specific sites. In adverse weather conditions the guides and the captain of the boat will have the final decision about which kite sites to visit to ensure that the guests, staff and boats safety is not compromised in any way. If in the unfortunate event that kite spots are missed or kite spots are not reached due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable changes, Carlton Queen will not offer a refund or compensation.
MEDICAL: I confirm that I have no current or historic illness, disease or medical condition, which could lead to the injury of myself, any other kiters or employee of Carlton Queen/ Carlton/ Carlton for Touristic development. I am happy to complete the “Medical Statement” that is a requirement laid down by the Egyptian Authorities. If I am in doubt as to my health, past or present and the effect this may have on my safety. I agree not to drink any alcoholic beverages before I Kite. I give my permission to stop me from kiting should I drink any alcoholic beverages before or if I am still under the influence of alcohol before kiting. I agree not to kite after use of medication or when feeling unwell.
EMERGENCY: I agree to bear all the costs of medical treatment, chamber costs, and recovery and transport charges in the event of an accident. Should the case arise that I am unable to decide for myself I authorize Carlton for Touristic development and their agents to arrange medical treatment on my behalf. I will provide details of my insurance company, policy number and Medical Emergency Telephone number. I do understand that if any accident happens, it might take some time to reach a medical centre, so I will abide to safety standards and listen carefully to the instructions of the employees.
BOAT SAFETY: Extra due care and attention is required when kiting, operating and living on boats due to the increased hazard of, but not restricted to, movement in rough seas, wet decks and equipment movement. I undertake to take extra care whilst on board a boat and will not hold Carlton Queen/ Carlton/ Carlton for touristic development responsible for any damages incurred that can be attributed to normal boating hazards. I accept the increased risk of kiting near to and from boats and Zodiac & Inflatables and accept that extra care and vigilance is required on my behalf.
NATURE: I understand that there is marine life that may cause bodily injury if touched or harassed and therefore I agree not to feed, touch or harass the marine life.
EQUIPMENT: No kite Equipment Rental provided by Carlton Fleet
INSURANCE: Carlton for Touristic Development is an Egyptian company and comes under Egyptian law. There is no third-party liability insurance of European standards available in Egypt and hence Carlton for Touristic Development insist that guests have adequate personal kiting and non-kiting insurance to cover all kiting and non-kiting risks involved in the service provided. IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY to check that my insurance provides adequate cover and that I kite within the limits of the cover provided. We also advise that it is important to have good travel insurance to cover accidents of a general nature.
I have fully informed myself of the contents of this affirmation and release by reading it before I signed it.